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My Cat Has An Infected TOE! Any Advice?

My cat, Kiplin, has a swollen toe and I don’t know what to do.

It is on a front paw and it is swollen really big so I know that there is some form of infection in there but he doesn’t have a fever and the toe itself, though distorted, isn’t inflamed or hot…

There seems to be some kind of wound between the toes and when I spread them apart to look there seems to be a sheen of serum leaking out of the side of the infected toe… Not a lot but enough to show moisture.

If he had a fever I would rush him to an emergency vet but since he seems OK otherwise and keeps licking and chewing on the infected toe I am just not sure if I should panic or if I should just let nature take it’s course and see if it will fix itself.

Any advice??

I am almost always on AIM if you have advice… AvatarOfUrDreams is my AIM Name.

Thx for any advice you can provide!


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