your token vaguely malicious teammate (scrie) wrote in kittypawprints,
your token vaguely malicious teammate

A little help

Hello everyone.

I'm a first-time owner of a six-weeks old kitten my parents brought home a few days ago. He's healthy and very playful, but since I've never had a kitten before, I have to learn everything as I go along. 

My problem is this: he doesn't sleep unless I let him climb into bed with me and sleep there. If I ignore him, he climbs himself and if I put him back, he climbs again. And again. Sometimes I get the feeling he could do this for an  entire night just to get a point across. 
I don't exactly have a problem with this but I'd like him to learn to sleep in his basket as well. I think he's comfortable, because he rests there during the day and plays in it, he just won't sleep there. One of my friends who's a long-time cat owner told me to put a t-shirt of mine in the basket, so he'll get used to the scent and I did that as well, but it still doesn't work. 

Do you have any advice I could use to teach him?

Thank you.
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