Trizia (trizia) wrote in kittypawprints,

Help with transporting a cat.

While I was over in Northern Ireland last week I accidentally adopted a stray cat. He's
a tabby, about 9 months old and we've called him Murphy. He turned up a week ago today when I was feeling really crap, and I fell in love at first sight. (There's also his brother, mostly white with pale grey splodges but he is terrified of people)

Now the problem is that none of the airlines flying out on N.I. will let me fly him back to England - I phoned both the airports to ask, because if one had said yes I'd have bought a new ticket for one of their flights. The coach company that operates via ferry won't take pets either.

So my question is, is there anyone in the Belfast/Ards Peninsula area who is coming to England by car and ferry in the near future who would be willing to bring Murphy over? - I'd meet you at the port and take him from there. Or does anyone have any other ideas?

(leaving him with my Mum isn't really an option as she has an elderly cat who doesn't like having her routine disturbed, and Mum is old and frail herself so doesn't want another cat)

P.S. How long does it take to get the FIV blood test results? I need to get him tested before I bring him home to our boys.

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